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Data Acquisition Cards (USB, Ethernet, Serial Port models)

16Bit / 12Bit, multichannel / multirange. Sampling rate from 100SaPS to 10,000SaPS, upto 8MB internal memory or 2GB memory card, having file structure, battery operated models available. Plastic as well as Al sturdy enclosure.




Software for IndiDAQU, IndiDAQE, IndiDAQS

Software compatible with Inditech data acquisition cards with funtastic GUI, math tools, appreciated by all clients for its usefulness




Real Time Task manager
Operates upto four electrical appliances based on clock timings or sunrise-sunset times. Saves power by operating Air Conditioner, street / garden lights, school bells, alarms, sirens (Tea / lunch break, shift change.. etc)



DC90, DC90-Eth


Digital Wall Clock
High accuracy digital wall clock, 90mm / 145mm digit height, single / double sided. Independent clock can be synchronized using optical remote. Very good alternate to master slave system, brightness control via remote, sturdy powder coated metal box, Black glass makes it elegant. Hourly buzz (optional).

New Clocks synchronized over Ethernet and GPS.

Clients : L&T, IIT Bombay, Reliance Petrolium, United Phospherous Ltd, Redline Industries, CVC Technologies, ATAGO (Japan) and many more .. .


Data Acquisition Cards




Stepper / Servo Motor Controller


Stepper Motor Drive


Process Controllers


Weight/Force Indicators


RS485 communication


Computer interfaces


Computer Software


Mid scale turn-key projects


Customized electronics






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